Say it isn’t so!

OK, we know this season can be stressful for retailers. But here are a few things we can offer to make it more doable:

1) Call us anytime 509.448.6561: to see what’s in stock  (we are happy to pull special colors/sizes depending on your needs) . If you need some talk therapy to get through the season’s hysteria, we’ve got that covered too.

2) Know that we have plenty of knits in stock, so if you haven’t ordered any yet, we have you covered

3) Need to get your goods fast? Get your order in before NOON PST and we will ship it the same day.

4) Join our Retail Support Group (email us your request) on Facebook where you can get peer support from the most compassionate, hilarious people on this planet. Seriously, we can vouch, most of these people are our customers, and you guys are THE BEST.

5) If all fails, put a kitten on it! This makes everything feel better.