Ganesh Himal Trading works closely with some of the finest jewelers in Nepal to create an exceptional line of jewelry. All our jewelry is handcrafted using sterling silver, white metal, and brass  and includes earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. We take great pride in our fantastic selection of both modern and traditional styles and our exquisite selection of stones, which include amethyst, rainbow moonstone, lapis, peridot, turquoise and much more. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail when selecting the perfect combination of styles, prices and stones for their store.

Jewelry making is a family tradition in Nepal and is passed down from father to son. One family we have been associated with for over two decades works communally, pooling their resources, and training the younger family members to carry on the tradition. The eldest brother of this business has repeatedly commented on how their relationship with fair trade businesses, like Ganesh Himal over the years has helped them to be successful. Young adults, who were leaving this traditional work, are returning because the average wage for skilled jewelers is now better than that of many other jobs, affording them a secure and comfortable future.

Other jewelry artists are non-traditional jewelers who have apprenticed and become master jewelers. Now they reach out and teach others from poor villages so they too can earn an income vital to their families. Yet another jewelry workshop we work with employs both high and low caste jewelers-enticing them to put aside their cultural differences in exchange for good wages and working conditions.

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