*** Please send all Advance Order KNITS separately from your other advance holiday orders.

Our producers in Nepal rely on getting your advance orders early so they have enough time to make what you need. The sooner you get your advance order to us, the better chance you will have of getting EXACTLY what you want and the more time our producers will have to make their beautiful products.

Know that these Advance Order Products are made just for you, so you must honor your order. All Advance Orders must be placed using our shopping cart system on our website, following the directions below. Call us if this is a problem (509) 448-6561 or if you use your own POS system.

Please keep the following in mind when you make your order:
1. We have two deadlines for advance ordering:
To receive your goods in August, September, or early October– submit your order before April 15th.
To receive your goods in November or December– submit your order before June 20th.

2. You may request more than one ship date. To receive your advance orders at different dates during the season, please CREATE A NEW ORDER for each desired date. Please include the desired ship date in the “comments” section at the very end of the shopping cart check out.

3. Please do not combine your knit advance orders with non-knit item advance orders. Because knits require so much warehouse space, all advance knit items are pulled and packaged separately from other Ganesh products. For this reason, it is incredibly helpful for us if you create separate purchase orders- one for advance order knit items, and one for non-knit advance order items. Depending on the size of your advance order, goods may still ship together on one invoice, but for packing purposes, separate PO’s are requested.

4. Your store will be invoiced/charged in accordance to your ship date.  No advance payment is necessary, but we do ask that you honor your orders.  Please call 509.448.6561 with questions.

Examples of other products you may want to advance order include:

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