copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-paper-sale-62Fall is a time of great celebration in Nepal and a time when families & friends come together, work is put aside and they celebrate life and the ties that bind them. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be in Nepal and their month of festivals are a huge reminder that it is a gift to be here in this life and to have the blessings of those who have come before us.Flowers are everywhere and ultimate joy is in the air, the difficulties of life are left behind and gratitude prevails.

In North America we enter the fall season in a different way! A huge sense of anticipation and angst emerges as we gear up for our own holiday seasons and this year for the U.S. elections.  Somehow it seems draining and difficult on so many levels. I want this issue of our newsletter to bring you the sense of Nepali joy and celebration so that we can remember that even in the busiest and most divisive of times we can step back and celebrate that we are part of an amazing human family and lucky for us we are part of an amazing Fair Trade family as well.

It always brings a huge smile to my face to think about how lucky we are to be a part of the Fair Trade family, one that has religious differences, political differences, racial differences, all kinds of differences but one where we have at our common core a sense that everyone on the planet should be treated with love and respect and given the chance at a healthy and stable life.

So I hope that you can also leave the everyday difficulties of life behind, find joy in the air and join our Nepali friends in celebration of happiness & our common human bond.

-Denise & all the Ganeshees