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 Why Ganesh Himal Trading Bags?

Ganesh Himal Trading has a huge selection of bags including day bags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, totes, backpacks, computer cases, wallets, coin purses, and drawstring bags. We are able to use a variety of material for our bags including cotton, wool, recycled silk, recycled tires, no kill leather, hemp, and recycled scraps!

Our bags are a perfect combination of style and function. For 25 years we have worked with producers in Nepal to create useful everyday bags using traditional styles, skills and materials. It is our philosophy that it “takes a village” to create a good bag, and we do this by incorporating the needs of our customers, contemporary design, and Nepalese flavor into every one.

Recycled Silk:
Our recycled silk sari bags are made from recycled scraps of silk saris that have been spun into a soft and colorful yarn. These accessories are some of Ganesh Himal’s most popular products. The women who knit these silk items are working toward creating financial stability for themselves and their children by being fair trade partners with Ganesh Himal Trading.

Our hemp bags are made from wild hemp that is sustainably harvested in western Nepal. Hemp production is a valuable economic asset for these villages. The tailors who make our hemp bags receive fair wages as well as benefits such as bonuses, paid leave and medical expenses.

No Kill Leather:
Our “No Kill” leather bags and wallets are made with leather from cows and water buffalo which have died a natural death. It is tanned using a non-toxic & chemical free process.

Cotton: Most of our cotton bags are made with hand-loomed fabric decorated with block-printing, combined with hemp swatches or detailed with other colorful cotton weaves. Custom tote-bags using your logo are also possible, we’ve done special orders for stores, organizations, coops etc.

Recycled Scraps:
We have created many unique small bags using the colorful scraps of hand woven and block printed fabric left over from making our clothing or larger bags. These bits and pieces would otherwise be wasted and thrown away.

Felted Wool:
Our brightly colored hand felted wool shoulder bags and coin purses are handmade by producers we have been working with for over 23 years. There are many fun and functional designs and all are a big hit!

Why our Customers Love Us:

Ganesh Himal Trading has been working with artisans in Nepal for over 30 years. Exclusively wholesale, we strive to put the needs of our small retail business partners first. We want you to thrive and offer over 1,000 unique, fairly traded products from clothing to home decor!

Quick turn-around time

Our customers our commonly shocked by how quickly their orders are processed. Most of the year we are able to get your products out the door within 24 hours.

Great customer support

We offer clear communication, consistent availability, and a timely response time to your questions and any issues that arise.

Attention to detail

We check, double check, and check again our orders before we get them out the door. We know your time is precious.