By placing advance orders throughout the year, we hope to provide seasonal colors, correct sizes, and desired runs.
We will be asking for your orders in two month increments. The order deadlines are as follows:


March/April delivery-order deadline is February 7th

June delivery– order deadline is April 10th

July/August delivery– order deadline is May 20th

September/October delivery– order deadline is July 20th

November/December delivery– order deadline is September 15th


Please note, our clothing is made with handwoven fabric and may arrive with the inherent characteristics of such- color discrepancies, small flaws in weaving, etc. We do a quality control check in Nepal but hand woven fabrics are not always totally perfect! We feel that is the beauty of them! We ask that you be willing to work with us and try to fix small flaws when possible. If this is not possible, we then ask that you try to sell the item at a discount rather than incur more shipping charges. Please notify us of the flaw and at what discount you will be applying to the garment and we will happily issue you a credit for that percentage. We ask this of customers ordering large volumes of clothing because we cannot financially absorb the cost of clothing returned with slight imperfections.

Care Instructions

While all of our garments are pre-shrunk and colorfast, we STRONGLY recommend customers always washing items separately or with like colors the first wash as residual dyes do occur. Cold water is ALWAYS advised and is stated on the garment’s tags.


Your store will be invoiced/charged in accordance to your ship date.  No advance payment is necessary, however, these garments will be made especially for you and ask that you honor your orders.  Please call 509.448.6561 with questions.

As always, many thanks for your continued support of our producers!

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