This is the woman who manages everything we do in Nepal! She knows all of the producers and helps them with the orders that come in every other month so that they know exactly what to make and when to deliver it by. This is written in her own words! I think it’s great. She’s an amazing woman and such an inspiration to other women around her! She helped to form the group that does all of the silk knit accessories and also works with the group that does the woven cotton (water pashmina) shawls. She was also at our son’s birth!
This a transcript from a radio interview with Chunta that aired in 2011 on KYRS, Spokane, WA.
I am originally from Tibet but have been living in Kathmandu, Nepal since age 7. I am 53 yrs old and married with a son who is 18 yrs.
When I was small my family had a restaurant where the entire family used to work and we survived on it for a long time.But then with time business deteriorated after my father passed away when he was just 49 yrs old.  But my mother was very strong and she raised 5 of us on her own.
My parents like most Tibetan families used to say that we should educate children to a level where they could read and write since we are from a business background and will not be working in offices. But still they had great expectations from us all and I think we all worked very hard in our studies to fulfill their dreams.On the whole we all have done quite well.
I got to know Denise and Ric through my sister Pemala and her husband Namgyal who had done their shipping of goods from Nepal and also was one of their producers of bags, knit wear and clothing. I went with them to USA in 1994 for the first time and after spending 11 months with them they employed me as a manger from the Nepalese side.This work has been a great eye opener for me away from the restaurant.
And after a year we stopped the restaurant and we all did different jobs. It was a great feeling when I got my first salary complete for myself.  I went to the monasteries to thank God for this and asked for his guidance that I might be able to prove myself through the years.
I got married in 1998 and my husband is from India. But I have not been able to go there fully due to the good income  I receive as a manager for Ganesh Himal which we needed for my sons education. As years went by I got the idea of making the recycled knit accessories and this even raised my income and I was always very busy and happy too since I was making good use of my time and little education too.
I was able to save some money by 2002 to buy a piece of land for my dream house.  Although I did borrow some money from the bank, Denise also helped me with some money for which I am thankful. My whole idea of saving money especially for a woman’s uncertain future came from Denise’s Mom Joyce. I think she is the first bead of my life’s necklace.Then there is a lot of inspiration I got from my sister and then Denise from their hard work . and dedication .
This job and business I have has built my confidence, self respect and happiness too and has inspired me to help others too and talk to other women that they can be successful too.Then in 2007 I built my own house with a lot of hard work, adjustment with my plans to take care of my job, business and then son which completed in 2008  Now with the rent I pay for my sons part of the school fee. Once my sons education is complete I could use the money for my old age expenses. So I think with this work I have secured my future too. Save

I do look forward to do better in the future and learn a lot from other working women and to encourage hard working women in ways how they could do better.