Moisturizing Fair Trade “Silk Soap”

Sericulture (the production of silk and the rearing of silkworms) was introduced into Nepal in the 1990’s by development aid groups to try to create income generating opportunities for rural Nepali women. Unfortunately, the women were taught how to grow the mulberry bushes and the silkworms but little was done to develop products from the silk produced, so the income generation was minimal.

Ganesh Himal’s trading partner, Nepal Silk, was started by Mohinee Maharjan in order to create sellable products that would provide income and employment for ruralwomen from the silk they produced.  Working alongside the silk farmers in Nuwakot, Mohinee trained women in silk weaving, crocheting & soap making. Now women are engaged in the entire economic process from growing the mulberry, to raising the silkworms to creating the final products.

Ganesh Himal Trading has partnered with Nepal silk to create a wonderful handcrafted silk soap made using the traditional cold process method. The cold process does not use external heat so the goodness of the natural ingredients is preserved. Our soaps combine moisturizing coconut oil, natural antioxidant sunflower oil, soybean oil, rich nutrient conditioning olive oil and cold pressed castor seed oil to produce a luxurious lather that cleans your skin naturally. We do not use palm oil.  Silk protein, a natural moisturizer, is extracted from the silk cocoon and along with the other natural herbal ingredients helps to keep skin soft, smooth and bright while providing a valuable income-producing product for rural Nepalese women. To compliment the soaps we also sell beautiful crocheted and woven silk scrubbers that help to exfoliate and keep skin healthy.

Ganesh Himal Trading will continue to work with Nepal Silk to create other income producing products for the silk producers in years to come.


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