The last shipment of the year has arrived and we are fully stocked and ready for your orders.

The season is upon us, and we have been thinking about how we can best support you and all of our retailers, to help make this holiday season a success. We understand the next few months will be busy and fast paced, and so we came up with a few time savers and support systems for you that we hope will lighten your load.

Best of luck this season!

Denise, Ric, Michele, Austin, Eileen & Sarah


We conducted an informal survey of our customers to find out that “sweet-spot” price point that sells best for them. We then combined our results with our best selling holiday gift items, and came up with the 2017 Best Sellers $15 WS and Under Catalog. Keep this at your fingertips this season for those quick fill in orders!


People love shopping by Bundles because it saves time. Instead of plowing through our over 1,000 products, let us choose a selection of our best selling products for you, according to category and price. This is a great way to try new and different styles, and makes it easy to order during this busy season. You choose the quantity and we will provide a beautiful assortment of styles, sizes and colors.


During the busy season, you want to know what’s not in stock so that you can buy the items that *are* in stock. This year we are committed to keeping our Knits and Best Sellers up to date as best as we can. Ganesh Himal Trading will not be receiving any more shipments from Nepal this year. Items “available for backorder” will be arriving in January of 2018.


Let’s get real: it’s easy to be irritable and grumpy this time of the year. We get it. So we hope that you know that you can pick up the phone anytime between 9 and 5 pm PST (M-F) @ 509.448.6561 and we will be on the other end ready to answer your questions and offer to you our love and support. Also, if you need some peer support, find solace with other Ganesh Himal Trading Fair Trade Retailers and join our Facebook Support Group. This is your Tribe & this group is the key to your sanity, as well as having some great tips for your business from people who understand it the best. (Ganesh co-owner Denise Attwood with New Traditions co-owner, Jodi Mackey)