Ganesh Himal welcomes you to our Fair Trade table…

… a table set to provide those who have been excluded a voice, a seat and an opportunity to pursue their dreams. A table set to include all of the voices that have been silenced for too long. A table set to allow a safe place for a full and dynamic conversation that encourages the richness of diversity, creativity, respect and justice for everyone. A table of profound and deep love celebrating all that we have together when we allow for equal participation.


This season, we at Ganesh Himal Trading, invite you to bring people together over food and beautiful artwork created by hands that strive to build a system of economic justice. There will be frustrating conversations but enjoy these moments when we have the opportunity to educate people about the work that we do, about how a well thought out purchase can help improve lives and strengthen communities. Together, as a Fair Trade community, we can set our tables in the variety of beautiful colors that we are, celebrate the beauty of us all, and put people before profit while engaging in the richness of life.


By opening up your fair trade stores to others you provide them the door to step through to find their own place at the table. You help others see how they can support and nurture and hold out the chair for others. You help the table become more robust and dynamic. You help us all to see how we can participate in creating a just economy and envision the path ahead toward setting a bountiful table for all.


May your table be full this season and thank you for all that you do to support our work in Nepal.

Namaste, Denise

PS: Don’t forget to vote and please encourage others to vote. Justice, economic opportunity and a large robust table of democracy depends on it. Those who have come before us to fight for this right, those who will come after and our beautiful planet will thank you for your participation.