Kathmandu has been a crossroad for trade in Asia for millennia. Caravans of yaks loaded with wool from Tibet would pass donkey trains carting salt, fruit and cotton from India. The cultural influences of Tibet, Nepal and India are still reflected in the lives of the people and in the artisan’s crafts. Ganesh Himal Trading works directly with Tibetan and Nepali craftspeople to create clothing that helps to preserve these ancient cultures. We have partnered with many of these artisans for over 20 years creating fair trade clothing that is fun, functional and affordable.

We carry men and women’s clothing in cotton, wool and a hemp/cotton blend. Our wide range of casual to dressy styles gives you and your customers a great selection. We use traditional designs such as wood block printing and hand-woven fabrics adapting them to western tastes and styles. Together with the producers we design fabrics that are hand-woven and block printed at a women’s development project in Kathmandu. Nepali’s and Tibetan refugees working in small cottage industries do the tailoring. The producers have benefits such as profit sharing, health care and low interest loans. The result is clothing that is unique, fair trade and fits westerners.

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