Traditionally, Dharma items are used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals and for decorating and blessing temples, monasteries, and homes. The singing bowls, tingsha and bells and dorjes have been adopted in the West for use in ritual, meditation and healing. The banners make auspicious and beautiful wall hangings, while prayer flags, blockprinted with Tibetan prayers of compassion, are hung outside to benefit all sentient beings.

Most of our metal items come from the City of Patten in the Kathmandu Valley where most bell work is traditionally done. We ensure the highest quality and purity of tone by hand selecting each piece. Our embroidered banners are produced by a man who belongs to a small sect of Muslim Tibetans. This is a traditional activity of this sect and his work is some of the best we have seen.

Our mani (prayer) stones are produced by recent refugees from Tibet. To earn much needed income to continue their journey into exile in India, they come to the Swayambunath Temple where they carve mani stones. A Tibetan friend and her mother seek out these refugees and purchase the stones on our behalf.

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