Featured Artisan: Vishnu Maya

Vishnu Maya never had the opportunity to get an education herself, but she works hard at her job with ACP (Association for Craft Producers) so she can send her three daughters to school.  ACP has a girl child education fund to help women like VIshnu keep her girl children in school and all of her 3 daughters have benefitted from this program. Her eldest daughter Heema was the first ever recipient of Conscious Connections Foundation’s Joy Attwood College Scholarship in 2015.

Vishnu has been working with ACP for 18 years and is now a weaving group leader. She specializes in the heavy weaving found in Ganesh Himal’s placements and table runners. Her husband is also a weaver for ACP, and together they work to create the opportunities for their daughters that they never had.  They want their children to have plenty of time to study, in addition to passing down their family’s tradition of weaving.