The Art of Weaving

Textile weaving is an age-old art form and economic activity in Nepal dating back to the second century AD.  To this day, weaving heavy wool blankets and jackets keeps the Nepalese warm in high altitude mountain regions.   In addition,  strong hemp, nettle and cotton fabrics provide everything from traditional rain gear to bags for hauling products to market on the backs of donkeys and yaks.

Most of Ganesh Himal Trading’s woven products are made using cotton and include:   runners, placemats, dishtowels, napkins, scarves and clothing.  Working with The Association for Craft Producers (ACP) for over 3o years, we have identified three weaving groups within this organization based on their economic need and their emphasis on empowering women.  We  have chosen to work closely with these particular groups so that we can provide ongoing work and income to those who need it most, while also helping to preserve a traditional Nepalese craft.

The Weavers

Ishwor Maharjan Group


Ishwor Maharjan comes from the family of traditional weavers. He started learning weaving and loom making from the early age of 12. MORE>

Kirtipur Weaving Group


In the village of Kirtipur, Nepal one brave woman aspired to educate her children and bring her family out of poverty. MORE>

Lagankhal Weaving Group


The Lagankhal Weaving Group joined the Association of Craft Producers (ACP) in 1985 with the hope of earning money for their families and children. MORE>

Learn More About ACP

The weaving groups above work with The Association for Craft Producers.  ACP is a fair trade organization that provides design, marketing, management, and technical services to low income, predominantly women, Nepalese craft producers. Meera Bhatterai, founded ACP in 1984, with a vision to help women gain social mobility by creating a market where they would not be exploited. Today, women from 15 districts in Nepal have the resources and opportunity to utilize their talent as artisans, become more financially independent, and gain more credibility in their communities.

A Few of our Woven Products