Featured Artisan: SADLE TRADERS

Ganesh Himal Trading has worked with Sadle Traders since 1986, ordering & receiving products from them every two months.  We make payments every two months so that they are always sending orders and receiving funds.  Our goal is to make stable year round employment.  Because we have worked with Sadle for so long and because many of their producers have been there for over 15 years, many of them have been able to build homes and send their kids to college.  Sadle Traders employs many individuals from a vast array of disadvantaged groups spread throughout the Kathmandu Valley.  Women, paraplegics, and citizens of all castes, many of whom are seldom given the opportunity to work for a fair and livable wage are, at Sadle, given a chance to do so in a healthy, safe, and encouraging environment.  Sadle Traders is a key piece of the Nepalese Fair Trade network, employing 46 individuals and distributing to hundreds of stores worldwide.

Many of those who work at Sadle are recent immigrants from the surrounding villages of Borlang and Ghat Besi in the Gorkha district of Nepal and as such, many have family who lost their lives, houses, possessions and/or livestock during the devastating earthquakes of 2015.  In Ghat Besi alone, 140 buildings out of a total of 145 were destroyed.

In the immediate wake of the earthquake, Sadle manager, A.D. Aryal, began organizing relief for these villages.  This relief included shelters, food, mosquito netting, and sheets of tin.  Ganesh Himal Trading wired them an initial $2,500 on Sunday, May 3rd (this being the earliest we could safely wire funds to Nepal).  This provided Aryal, and others taking part in the Borlang and Ghat Besi relief efforts,  with the funds necessary to distribute sufficient aid.  With this aid, supplies and shelters were distributed by Sadle staff to Borlang and Ghat Besi residents within 10 days of the earthquake, which is several weeks before any other major aid organizations would even step foot there!

“I hand over the 24 pieces tin sheets to the community in Gorkha-Borlang-7, Sunday and now back in the office again. The villagers are supper happy now that they get tin sheet for the shelter just before monsoon.  I am also happy that they could get it because of me and people like you there. Thank you so much for it.  It has been really a good and direct relief to the people in need in my community –Gorkha.  Many thanks for the right support in right time to the people really in-need.” -A.D. Aryal, general manager



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