While in Nepal in 2013, Ganesh Himal staff had the opportunity to meet with two recipients of the ACP Girl Child Education Fund, an girl scholarship fund at the Association for Craft Producers that Ganesh Himal has donated to for years. Sisters Heema, 16, and Heena, 10, had both received a scholarship for 3 years and loved school, but their scholarships were ending. Due to high demand for the program and lack of funds, ACP had to limit scholarships to no longer than 3 years for the children of their producers. Determined to extend Heema and Heena’s scholarships, we at Ganesh Himal each donated $5 with the dream that we could get 1000 people to do the same. The Power of 5 campaign was born.

What can $5 do? It can buy you a coffee, or a hamburger. It can buy you a gallon of gas. Or, it can help a girl in Nepal attend school for 2 weeks. That means that for 10 days a young girl is reading, writing, learning with her friends, and stretching her imagination. What happens if she isn’t at school? She is three times more likely to be married before her 18th birthday. She stays at home, and the traditional cycle of exclusion that keeps girls disengaged from decision making continues. $5 helps a young girl battle the cycle of poverty.

Now imagine if all of your friends gave $5. Then they asked all of their friends to donate $5? 10 friends donating $5 is a scholarship for one girl to go to school for 6 months! That’s a ripple–an ever-expanding body of people changing the lives of girls in Nepal. And the ripple doesn’t stop there. These girls each create their own ripples of change starting with their families, then their village, and even their country. When 10% more girls go to school, a country’s GDP increases an average of 3% according to the Council of Foreign Relations. That affects the world. The ripple is limitless, and it starts with $5. This is the Power of 5.

Our goal is to sponsor at least 100 girls, or boys if in need, in Nepal for one more year of schooling through the ACP Child Education Fund. In order to do so, we need 2,000 people to donate $5. We’ve created beautiful bookmarks for you to use to collect donations. By asking for a $5 donation for each bookmark you place in your store, you not only help us reach our goal, but you start the discussion about why girls are such an amazing investment and about why they aren’t in school.

There are two ways of creating a ripple:

Personal Ripple– Place  bookmarks in your store and ask for a donation of $5 for each.Customers can get involved as individuals and feel good knowing that 100% of their donation is going towards the ACP Child Education Fund. Not only that, their donation is tax deductible through the Conscious Connections Foundation, a foundation started by the founders of Ganesh Himal Trading.

Power of 5 Ripple

Encourage friends/regular customers/community members to take a packet of bookmarks (either 5, 15, or 30) to distribute for donations amongst their friends. If each person finds 5 friends who turn around and find 5 friends, then through networking, the ripple multiplies by the power of 5. You can use your store as the collection point, creating community and exposing new people to the world of Fair Trade and girl’s education.

Join the Power of 5 campaign today. Here’s how…

1) Request a packet of bookmarks via the Ganesh Himal website. www.ganeshhimaltrading.com If you want to participate in the Power of 5 Ripple then order multiple smaller packets; if a personal Ripple better suits your store, then order one large packet.

2) We will issue you an invoice for the number of bookmarks you want and send them with your next order.

3) You gather donations for the bookmarks and write a check to Conscious Connections Foundation and send it to PO Box 342 Spokane WA  for the amount of donations gathered. Please put  “donation for Power of 5”  in the memo line. The Power of 5 is a project of the Conscious Connections Foundation which is a 501©3 nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS. EIN #:471602190 and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

4) CCF is all volunteer run and so is the program in Nepal so 100% of donations will go directly to sending children, who otherwise would not be able to attend, to school in Nepal. Our focus and priority is on sending girls to school but if girls are served and boys are in need we will sponsor them as well.  If each of us gives a little, it’s no longer pocket change but big change: JOIN THE POWER OF 5!

Use these to generate donations for the scholarship fund AND raise awareness about the importance of educating girls!