Hemp has been used for centuries in Nepal because of its strength and durability. Traditionally hemp fiber is woven into rope for farming and suspending the large baskets (Dhokos) that Nepalis carry from their foreheads. It’s also use it to weave tough weather proof jackets and blankets.

Hemp is the perfect crop for the Himalayas. It requires no cultivation or pesticides, is native, and has long been an economic asset for the rural mountain villages.

The heavier yarns we use for making bags, hats and vests are hand spun and hand woven in the villages providing a steady source of employment and income. Finer yarns are machine spun in Kathmandu and hand woven into the hemp/cotton fabric used in our clothing.

Our hemp clothing and accessories are tailored in the Kathmandu Valley by a small Fair Trade group we have worked with for over two decades. We really love working with this innovative group to create products that use hemp in a imaginative and judicious ways, including the scrap material. Many of the women and men have been employed here since the group started. It’s a pleasure to share their joy and enthusiasm. This group was one of the first to assure producers a fair wage and benefits such as bonuses, paid leave and medical expenses. They were also one of the first to include people of all castes into the workshop.

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