(1) WFTO is a good source too. Most of the non-FTF or even WFTO members we worked with we discovered on our travels and were just too small to be members but we believed in what they were doing. We also carried from non-FTF wholesalers in the USA who were not members yet but we had our own questionnaire for them to fill out and we did our own interview.


(2) we have faith in Fair For Life! They monitor a sort of bean to hand in coffee and chocolate


(3) They are great too but somewhat specific to food and consumables.


(4) We have our own informal list of interview questions we like to ask whenever someone comes in with “there’s this group I know…can you carry their product?” By the end of our chats it’s usually pretty clear what their motivation is and if they are actually working in the ‘spirit’ of fair trade. Would be interested to see what questions you are posing if you don’t mind making that questionnaire available!


(5) Would love to hear what questions you both ask.


(6) I can dig it up and email it to anyone who wants it- it is closely based on Global Exchange’s own purchasing practices.