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Located in Bhaktapur, Sadle creates environmentally sustainable products such as hemp, no kill leather and recycled rubber inner tubes. It was founded in 1984 and currently works with 30 jewelers and tailors. Sadle is the oldest and largest exporter in Nepal and works to source all of it’s raw materials from Nepal, which in turn, supports the local economy. This producer group is very committed to breaking down caste barriers and religious differences between employees, so that everyone is treated equally, the working environment is harmonious, and every individual is well paid. 

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Recycled Tire Paraplegic Group



The common disposal method of tires in Nepal is burning.  In response to black billowing clouds of smoke, one of  more>>

Wild Harvested Hemp

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Hemp grows naturally in the jungles of far western Nepal without pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals of more>>

Sacred Cow -No Kill Leather


All of our leather & hemp/leather bags are made by cows who have died a natural death. By making our products with no-kill leather, Ganesh Himal more>>