The Ganesh Team

Austin Zimmerman is responsible for ordering, product design and strategic planning for Ganesh Himal Trading. She started working with Ganesh Himal when she was a child, and has made a career out of her passion for Fair Trade. In her former life as a professional volleyball player, she lived in Europe, but has settled back in Spokane and lives with her partner & Australian Shepherd, Russell.

Eileen Palid is our resident veteran employee at Ganesh Himal Trading, and has worked here since 2001. In her role as Operations Manager, she is the master of details and believes in extraordinary customer service.   She made her home here in Spokane after graduating from Gonzaga University and lives happily with her two kitties and husband.

Michele Moxley is our Warehouse Manager and master of packing the perfect box.  She has a background in banking and climbing the corporate ladder, but decided she wanted more meaning in her life and time with her family. She is a fierce mother of 4,  happy grandmother of 4, & a killer cook.

Sarah Calvin is responsible for the website & marketing for Ganesh Himal Trading and has worked with the business since 2005.  The intersection of creativity, technology, & communications is her happy place.  She divides her time between Spokane, WA and Vancouver, BC and carries no shame about the number of cat pictures she posts on social media.