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Gayanu is the master felted at CBA and she makes the samples. She makes about 15-20 potholders per day, earning about 17 rupees per potholder. The mother of 4 has worked for CBA for years, which has allowed her to pay school fees. She has one daughter who is studying in the university. 


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Soba has wored for CBA for 5 years. She has two children in public school. Her husband drives a motobus. When asked bout her favorite part of working, she said, “I can support myself. I can buy my own food, my own clothes. Economic empowerment allows me to be independent.”











Sangita, Hari’s niece, is 20 years old and has worked for CBA for about 5 years. She is class 12, which is equivalent to Junior college in the US. She enjoys studying language arts and is fluent in Hindi, Nepali, and English. She attends classes in the mornings. and then works from 11-5.