Hand embroidered designs, assorted 4.25″ x 6″ framable cards made from lokta paper, sold as singles.

Ganesh Himal Trading is now working with the Deaf Women’s Empowerment Organization established by The Rose International Fund for Children to help them promote and sell these beautiful cards! Recently,trifc.org¬†partnered with Nepal Association for the Blind and created the first Braille Library in Nepal. They recently purchased a Braille Embossing Printer which will print textbooks with pictures for all the schools in Nepal. They also provide hearing aids, and backpacks for the blind.

All profits generated by The Rose International Fund for Children are used to further develop additional skills for the women. For example, they are piloting a project where the women will hand stitch reusable sanitary protection for all the sponsored girls as well as other girls at the school. If they are widely accepted, they will distribute them to other women and girls in rural areas. For more information on their work in Nepal please visit their website. www.trifc.org

Each card is a piece of art in itself. Assorted designs of birds,flowers, and greetings available. Each card individually wrapped with an envelope. Sold individually.